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GALEX Technical Documentation

Authors: Ted Wyder, Chase Million, Tim Conrow, Todd Small, Patrick Morrissey, Tom Barlow, Don Neill, Mark Seibert, Min Hubbard, Karl Forster Date: September 2012

Chapter 1 - Instrument Overview

Chapter 2 - GALEX Science Surveys

Chapter 3 - Getting Started with GALEX Data

Chapter 4 - Imaging Pipeline Overview

Chapter 5 - Imaging Data Products

Chapter 6 - Imaging Data Analysis

Chapter 7 - Deep Imaging Photometry

Chapter 8 - Changes to the Imaging Pipeline for Data in GR7 and Beyond

Chapter 9 - Spectroscopy Pipeline and Data Analysis

Chapter 10 - GALEX Imaging Mode Quality Assurance

Appendix A - Data Product Detailed Description

Appendix A.1 - Detailed Description of mcat Columns

Appendix B - GR1 and GR2 Technical Documentation

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